Board of Directors

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Donna Washington


Donna Washington has been a touring itinerate performer for 33 years. She is an internationally known storyteller, author, and award-winning spoken word recording artist who lives in Durham, NC. For more info, visit dlwstoryteller.com


Jim Brule


Jim Brulé is a Maggid – the Jewish title for a transformational storyteller. He has been a clinical psychologist, a computer scientist (designing Artificial Intelligence systems), a Chief Information Officer, and a regulatory expert in healthcare reform. And a dedicated storyteller throughout.

His online school to train spiritual storytellers from multiple traditions has been accredited by the National Storytelling Network; he also works with organizations and communities to promote dialogue across perceived boundaries of faith, ethnicity, and class using stories. More about this work is available at TransformationalStorytelling.org

Sara Armstrong


Sara Armstrong is a lifelong educator. She has been a classroom teacher, principal, and has provided professional development over 48 years of service. She is the current chair of the Storytelling Association of California (SAC). She is interested in making connections and bringing people together through story. She has participated in SAC’s “Stories in Living Color” project, as well as local swap programs such as Orinda’s Talespinners event. Her latest book, "Pathways to Well-Being: Helping Educators (and Others) Find Balance in a Connected World," co-authored with Susan Brooks-Young, offers ideas for well-being through empathy, gratitude, being positive, getting focused, kindness, and movement.


Anne Rutherford

Out-going Treasurer

Award-winning storyteller Anne Rutherford delights audiences nationwide with funny, moving performances that include tales of personal adventure, Pacific Northwest folklore and prize-winning tall tales. She is also five-time first place winner of the Northwest Folklife Liar’s Contest — so don’t believe everything she tells you. Except when she’s speaking as ASST Treasurer; then she’s drawing on a previous incarnation as a Fiscal Manager to speak nothing but the truth! Currently, Anne is performing and leading workshops online solo and with her husband, Norm Brecke. Find more at annerutherford.com

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