Camp Staff - YSSC 2020


Claudia Elizabeth Aldred and Andrea Kamens, founders; with Sheila Arnold, Donna Washington, Terri Lott, and Janice Greene.


Week 1: Dr. Joel Ying and Krupa Vinayagamoorthy. Week 2: Renee Emmanuel, Nyasha Mutunhu, and Anshul Punhani.


Week 1: Laurina Bergquist, Kevin Cordi, Laura Deal, Gail Herman, Muriel Horowitz, and William Oba King. Week 2: Iyiola Adebajo, Sonia Bareja, Andrea Kamens, Terri Lott, Ray Mendenhall, Holly Robinson, Joshua Sellers, Donna Washington, and Cassandra Wye.

Iyiola Adebajo
Sheila Arnold
Sonia Bareja
Kevin Cordi
Laura Deal
Renee Emmanuel
Gail Herman
Muriel Horowitz
Andrea Kamens
William Oba King
Ray Mendenhall
Anshul Punhani
Holly Robinson
Donna Washington
Cassandra Wye
Dr. Joel Ying
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Laura Deal