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is proud to present a wide array of programs for you to experience

live on-line in the comfort of your own home.

Join us for one of this month's exciting virtual events!

Four Winter Tales

a special offering for this wondrous time of year 

Tuesday, December 22, 2020 

8-9:30pm (EST)/7-8:30pm (CST)

6-7:30pm (MST)/5-6:30pm (PST)/4-5:30pm (AKST)

3-4:30pm (HST)

The winter season calls us inside to sit around a fire with hot chocolate OR calls us outside to balmy 75 degrees underneath a palm tree with a good stout beer.   No matter where you spend winter, stories are the perfect entertainment. Join us for an evening of four winter and/or holiday season stories with four ear-appealing storytellers:  Gayle Ross (OK), Felix Pitre (NY), Len Cabral (RI) and Karin Amano (GA).

Purchase Tickets Here.

7th Adults ONLY Stories

the latest in our regular monthly series

Saturday, December 26, 2020 

9pm-12midnight (EST)/8-11pm (CST)/7-10pm (MST)

6-9pm (PST)/5-8pm (AKST)

4-7pm (HST)

Time to sit back and enjoy stories just for adults - no, not holiday stories or winter stories - but "kick back with the grown folk" stories. So get some spiked eggnog or chocolate red wine - lean back on the couch or with a friend, and enjoy great storytelling from around the country. Featured Storytellers:  M.J. Kang & Sharon Elwell (both from CA), Sara DeBeer & Nina Lesiga (both from CT), Chetter Galloway (GA), Larry Castleberry (MI), Robin Kitson (NC), Bob Dancer (NV) & Lauren Hope (VA).

Register in Advance Here.

Admission is Free. Collective Tip Jar Open During the Performance for Contributions.

Story Blowout 2020

a fabulous send-off to everyone's favorite year

Thursday, December 31, 2020 - Friday, January 1, 2021 

10:30am-3:30am (EST)/9:30am-2:30am (CST)

8:30am-1:30am (MST)/7:30am-12:30am (PST)/6:30am-11:30pm (AKST)

5:30am-10:30pm (HST)

2020 will be remembered by the wide-ranging events - from election to pandemic, from wildfires to hurricanes, from KPop to Tik Tok, from murder hornets to UFO sightings, from MAGA rallies to Black Lives Matter protests - what a year!  So in light of all the strange stories of this year, Artists Standing Strong Together will end the year with a Story Blowout - stories from all over the world and across generations.  Join our Blowout to see the performances of our YSSC (Youth Standing Strong Camp) this Winter Break youth tellers.  The stories start at 10:30 am and continue until 11:45 pm --come and go as you'd like, or keep the stories on your phone, iPad or laptop as you rest, relax and plan for 2021. Starting at 11:45 pm (EST), we will have the countdown followed by music, dance and champagne or grape juice until 3:30 am on January 1, 2021!

Join Us on December 31st at Any Time by Clicking Here!

For a complete event calendar 

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