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Sheila Arnold

Artistic Director

Sheila Arnold has been gifted by God with performance skills and has been using this talent since she was eight years old.  Since 2003 she has been a full-time Storyteller through the United States and sharing a variety of stories - “whatever fits in her mouth”, as well as doing Historic Character Presentations and Christian Monologues.  At her core, Ms. Sheila, as she is commonly called, is a Professional Imaginator with a passion, vision and ministry of healing hearts, unifying communities and reminding people to share their stories.  Her website is

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Sue Kessler

Executive Director

A free-lance creative arts administrator currently based in Vermont, Sue Kessler brings experience in the nonprofit sector ranging from strategic planning to event operations to community development. She co-founded the family entertainment enterprise, "Hamlet's House" and has run at least a mile every day this millennium, which she writes about on her Facebook page, Running Broad. 

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