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Adults ONLY Stories

the latest in our regular monthly series

Saturday, November 14, 2020 

10pm-12midnight (EST)/9-11pm (CST)

8-10pm (MST)/7-9pm (PST)/6-8pm (AKST)

5-7pm (HST)

The election will be done (hopefully), the children are used to going to virtual school (supposedly) and the holiday craziness hasn't started (yet).  So, this is the perfect time for folks to have some "grown up" stories, about things that "grown ups" don't always get to hear. Think of storytelling as a Verbal Movie - creating images in your mind through the turn of a phrase, the use of word and the facial expressions and gestures. 

What a great night to be had! Tellers include, but not limited to, Elizabeth McCain (MD), Sarah Beth Nelson (WI), Mitch Capel (NC), Laura Packer (MN), Mary Jo Pollack (AZ), and, Deborah Kleinmann (MD).

Admission is Free

Collective Tip Jar Open for Contributions

7th Sacred Storytelling

a monthly offering

Sunday, November 29, 2020

4 - 7pm (EST)/3 -6pm (CST)/ 2-5pm (MST)

1-4pm (PST)/12noon-3pm (AKST)

11 am – 2pm (HST)

Hope comes in many forms. Beth Moore, a Christian Bible Study teacher says, "Laughter is audible hope." Hope might be the acronym for "Hold on, Pain Ends", OR, "Helping Other People Excel", OR Alcoholics Anonymous' "Heart Open, Please Enter."

The stories at this 7th Sacred Storytelling provide hopes in all the above forms and more, as well as honoring those whose bodies are no longer with us, but whose voices remain. Honored storytellers will be U. Utah Phillips, Dianne De Las Casas and Roslyn Bresnick-Perry. Storytellers include, but not limited to, Heather Forest (NY), Gwenda Ledbetter (NC), Anne Rutherford (OR), Roopa Mohan (CA), Joe Conrad (OH) and a special 25 minute story time with Judith Black (MA). Come hear stories that inspire, educate, and give hope.

Admission is Free

Collective Tip Jar Open for Contributions

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